How to Transfer Photos from iPad to iPad?

Just got a new iPad? You may want to copy photos over from iPad to iPad so you can access photos on your new iPad. To do that, you can use iTunes app on your computer to sync photos from iPad to computer, then sync again from computer to the other iPad. However, iTunes can’t sync camera roll to your new iPad, what's worse it even erases existing photos on your new iPad.

In fact, to transfer photos from iPad to iPad, you can use the wireless transfer app which can send photos from iPad to iPad, from iPad to another iOS, from computer to iPad or verse visa. This iOS app supports transferring both photos and videos from one iPad to another. What's more, it is a wireless tool that can sync your files over wi-fi network. You do not need any USB cable or computer.

ipad to ipad photo transfer

Move pictures from iPad to iPad with ease

Want to know how to copy over photos between two iPads now? Firstly go to download this iPad to iPad transfer app on both iPad, then go through the simple steps as outline below.

To start with the transfer between two iPad, connect two iPads to the same wi-fi network at first. Then follow below steps.

Step 1.Run this iPad to iPad transfer on both iPad.
Step 2. Tap on Send button on the first iPad to select photos.
You will have the option to browse through your camera roll and photo library on the source iPad.
Step 3. Tap on Receive button on the second iPad to receive photos
You can choose an existing album on your iPad to save the photos or create new albums for the transfer.



1). The photo wireless transfer app is fully compatible with all iPad models, including iPad mini, iPad with Retina display, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad.

2). Except transferring photos from iPad to iPad, you can also transfer videos from iPad to iPad, or even transfer photos/videos from iPhone to iPhone, from iPad to computer, from computer to iPad, etc.

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