Make iPhone Compatible Banners

In this tutorial, we will show you how to make iPhone compatible banners for website with Website Banner Maker for Windows.

  1. Download Banner Maker

Currently we have only the Windows version. You can download website banner maker for Windows here.

  1. Run the Banner Maker and Add Images

When you start the app on your computer, you will be prompted to add image files immediately. You can drag & drop any photos or pictures from your computer photo library to the banner maker. You can also click the Add Images button from the left bottom of the main screen to load image files from your album.

add images to banner maker

  1. Edit Banner Images

You can click the Up or Down icon to change the sequence of the banner images added. There is a pencil icon, you can click it to add title, URL link and description to a banner image selected.

edit banner images

  1. Choose Banner Theme

A professional designed banner template or theme is very important. With this website banner maker, you can easily pick up a ready-made beautiful banner theme.

You can customize the banner image size below the theme list. You can manually type in the width and height value in px, such as 600 * 480, 760 * 500, etc.

select and customize banner themes

  1. Preview your Website Banner

The built-in banner preview window is at the right side of the main screen. Once you make any changes to your web banner, go to preview it before publishing, so you do not have to publish many times in order to get the banner you are satisfied with.

  1. Publish your Website Banner

Click the Publish button right besides the Preview button. This will save your website banner to the Output Folder of the banner maker software on your computer.

You can find a banner created with this app any time from the Gallery menu >> Open Output Folder.

Now, you can go to copy the banner to your website directory, publish to server and view on your iOS devices, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

All the web banners created are based on cross-browser javascript library. They are all iPhone compatible banners.


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