Convert Photos to Slideshow Videos on iPad

Many iPad users may have this question:

I have a lot of photos taken with my iPad camera. I’d really like to convert them to slideshow movies, but I don’t know how to.

Converting your photos on iPad to a video is a snap. First, put them into a photo album. You can create a new folder on your iPad, such as slideshow, photovideo, photogallery, anything you like. Place all the photos you like to convert to video to the folder. Second, add the new photo album to the iPad Slideshow Maker and follow below steps to output them as video format.

You will learn how to make a iPad Slideshow video, make a video on iPad with your photos, make YouTube videos on iPad, make a video on iPad and share on Facebook, make/export iPad videos to computer, etc.

Convert photos to video movies on iPad

1. Adding photos to iPad Slideshow Movie Maker
Tap the “Photo” button on the left side of the view. You will be able to select and import photos from iPad photo library or Camera Roll.

2. Select theme for your Photo slideshow Video
The iPad slideshow movie maker has built-in many beautiful themes. You can tap on Theme option which is near the Music option to select and apply a theme template.

3. Export slideshow movie to HDTV, Youtube, Facebook or save to iPad
Tap the “Export” icon on main screen of iPad slideshow movie maker, you will have various options to save and share your iPad slideshow videos such as below:
Publish to YouTube directly;
Post to Facebook directly;
Export to HDTV;
Transfer to computer;
Save to your iPad Camera Roll

And that’s it. With iPad slideshow maker app, you can transfer generated slideshow movies to a computer, Mac or Windows, through iTunes or your own Wi-Fi network.

When transferring your iPad slideshow movies using iTunes, the method involves tethering your iPad to your Mac/Windows, launching iTunes, selecting your iPad within iTunes, choosing the Apps tab, locating the iPad slideshow app in the File Sharing area, and saving your iPad slideshow  files (in mp4 format) to the computer.

The Wi-Fi transfer method can copy the slideshow movies from iPad to a computer wirelessly through a web browser on your computer. The iPad slideshow video maker gives you a local IP address, you can use a web browser on your computer to access this address, and find the iPad slideshow movies, simply right click on them to save them to your computer hard disk.

Now you know how to make a iPad Slideshow video, make a video on iPad with your photos, make YouTube videos on iPad and make/export iPad videos to computer. Enjoy!

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