How to Take Better Photos of your Kids using iPhone?

Have trouble taking good photos of your kids? Yes, we know the difficulty unless your kids can sit or stand still and pose for you. You will not be able to force them to do what you want.

The iPhone has great iSight camera that is able to capture high quality photos. But when active kids are involved, you may find yourself are not fast enough to capture the most important and interesting moment. It is easy to miss some precious photos while waiting for the camera to load or for the shot to focus, or you may even too busy to press the button to take photos. To make sure not to miss any photos you can however simply switch from the photo mode to video mode on your iPhone. A big advantage to take a video other than photo is that you can always easily extract still images or photos from the recorded videos. So when you are at a sporting event or when your kids are playing, always take a video.

The Big Problem of Photos Captured from Videos on iPhone

The traditional way is to play the video on iPhone, while watching the video you can pause it whenever you find the picture you like, then capture a screenshot on iPhone. However it is some trouble extracting photos from videos using this way. Firstly you will find it is not easy to find the photo you like, normally it takes several tries to pause the video to get a clear picture. Secondly the screenshot captured has actually smaller file size (width/height) compared to the source video. For example, your iPhone 5 captures 1080*1920 px videos. But if you use the above mentioned way to capture the pictures, your pictures will have smaller resolution 640*1136px.

export photos from videos on iphone

How to Extract Best Photos from Videos captured on iPhone?

You can use Video to Photo Grabber App which solves the problems mention above when capturing screenshots on iPhone. With this app, you will be able to scroll frame by frame so you will not miss any photos. It helps you easily pick up any photos from the video and save them as still pictures. Best of all, it can export photos in the same resolution as your source videos. That is to say you can export 1080*1920 px high resolution photos from videos captured on iPhone 5. This is amazing, isn’t it?

edit photos on iphone

Edit the Photos on iPhone

The default Photos app on your iPhone provides very basic edit functions such as crop and fix red eye. However it is too limited if you like to enhance the photos. Video to Photo Grabber App can not only extract still images from movies but also comes with advanced photo editing features. You can use the one-tap auto enhance or choose from a great many of enhancements and effects. Just touch to apply. Tons of effects such as the Night effect, Backlit effect, Singe effect, Vivid effect, San Carmen effect, Indiglow effect, Cconcorde effect, Aqua effect, Strato effect, Laguna effect, Ventura effect, B&W effect, Sepia effect, Soft Focus effect. You can also adjust image brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness to output high quality images. Other noteworthy useful features like the free hand draw function, redeye fix, blemish removal, etc.

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