Rotate Sideways iPhone Videos

When you shoot videos using iPhone and want to transfer the iPhone videos to PC, you may find some of the iPhone videos play sideways on your Windows PC. How come the same video plays fine on iPhone but not computer, any way to rotate the sideways iPhone video?

It is because you held the iPhone improperly when shooting the video. When you talk on the phone, you hold your iPhone vertically. However if you hold your iPhone the same way when recording a video, the video goes sideways on Windows PC. The videos captured in this case will be with 9×16 aspect ratio. When you export the iPhone video to computer, your computer will expect the video to be 16×9 aspect ratio which is the one of the most popular aspect ratio for home studio and movie display.  In such circumstances, you need to rotate the iPhone video in order to display it properly on PC.

So in order to display iPhone videos correctly on computers without rotating them, you need to hold your iPhone in landscape when recording videos with it. You still have two options though in landscape mode. You can either hold iPhone horizontally with the home button on the left or right. With the home button on the left, you will get upside down iPhone videos when displaying on Windows PC. The proper way to shoot a video using iPhone is to hold the phone in landscape with the home button on the right hand side.

Since you have a lot of videos with the problem and you can’t go back to shoot the same videos in a different mode again, here we recommend a fix, probably the easiest solution to rotate iPhone videos for playback on Windows PC, the Video Slimmer App.

App to rotate iPhone videos

How can I enable this video rotation feature with Video Slimmer?

Literally the Video Slimmer is an app to slim down your videos on iPhone iPad or iPod touch. However it has a built-in feature to automatically turn your iPhone videos upright. So when you transferred a iPhone video to computer, it will not display sideways.

Any videos you slimed down with the app will be automatically put in the right orientation. You do not need to manually enable this feature within the app. However note that, if you record a video using a third party app other than the default Camera app on your iPhone, this video app might not be able to rotate it properly.

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