Easiest and Best Way to Extract Still Images from Movies on iPhone

Your iPhone has both the movie and still photo capabilities. Sometimes you may find some frames in the video would make excellent photos. So you want to save the frames as still images on iPhone. There are several ways capturing a single frame from a video on iPhone. Here we will introduce the most popular methods to export still pictures from videos.

Screen Capturing to Pull Video Frame on iPhone

Normally iPhone users may consider to pause the video, then capture a screenshot on iPhone. It’s true that this could be the easiest way to pull still images from videos on iPhone. But this may cause image size and quality issue. For example, the iPhone 5 shoots full HD videos up to 1080p (1080*1920 px videos), however if you extract a frame of your iPhone 5 video, you will find the picture size turns out to be 640*1136px which is the screen resolution of your iPhone. There are several ways capturing a single frame from a iPhone video. Apparently screenshots capturing is not the best option concerning the pixels lost.

Export Still from iMovie

export still from movies using iMovie on MacYou can also sync iPhone movies to your Mac and then use iMovie to grab still from the movie files transferred. iMovie for iOS however seems do not allow users to export a still though. Run iMovie on Mac OS X, import the movie into iMove, create a new project, move your mouse over the video and stop anywhere you find the frame you like, and then right click to save the still frame and show in Finder. iMovie for Mac helps you export still from movies, however it would be much easier if we can just export still photos from videos without transferring the movie to Mac. And another trouble using iMovie with picture extraction from videos is that you will find it is difficult to pick up the best frame you want. That is because each thumbnail in a filmstrip can represent hundreds of individual images. It is not intuitive to find specific frames in a filmstrip.

Easiest and Best Way to Extract Still Images from Movies on iPhone

extract still images from videos on iPhone with video to photo grabberThe easiest and best way to extract still images from movies on iPhone is to get an iOS app called Video to Photo Grabber. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is not a screen grab or video editor. This small tool is specially designed to extract photos from videos on iOS devices. You can directly add any videos from your Camera Roll to the app, then browse through the video added frame by frame. Alternatively you can also pick up a video frame when playing it or making use of the quick scroll to scrubbing through until you find the frame you like to save as still picture. The exported pictures will be saved to your camera roll directly. Don’t bother a trip to the Mac through email or wired connection, and best of all the photos will be saved in full resolution as your source videos. That’s to say if you export the still images from iPhone 5 captured videos, the images will be high quality 1080*1920 PX photos.

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